Wellness Committee

The Questar III Wellness Committee is comprised of teachers, staff, and retirees who volunteer to assist in driving wellness initiatives for Questar III. The work of our committee predates but aligns with a mandate by the RCG Health Insurance Trust that the organization promotes wellness for its employees.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • To plan, develop, review, and evaluate activities to support the wellness of Questar III employees
  • To assist with assessing needs and mapping resources
  • To share concerns and provide feedback from employees
  • To be an ambassador; re: program plans and obtain feedback
  • To advocate for and participate in activities
  • To ensure that activities are aligned with Questar III’s policies and norms


Mission Statement

This committee’s purpose is to promote employee wellness through activities, the dissemination of information, and communication of upcoming events.


New Members

New members are always welcome to join. Contact Kimberly Harris at kharris@questar.orgr.org or Sally Lauletta at slauletta@questar.org



Meetings are held monthly, date and location vary (see Meetings and Minutes for additional information)


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BSNENY Newsletter


May 2017 Newsletter

Kimberly Harris
Email: kharris@questar.orgr.org

Sally Lauletta
Email: slauletta@questar.org