Textbook Coordination Service

Textbook Coordination Service for Non-Public Schools


Through Questar III’s textbook coordination service for non-public schools, more than 1,500 students are served.  The information below covers the responsibility of the non-public schools and parents.  Please read carefully.
By pooling all our resources for the public school districts of Rensselaer, Columbia, and Greene Counties, Questar III’s non-public textbook loan program is efficient and a cost-effective way for public school districts to purchase and lend textbooks to those students attending non-public schools according to section 701 of the Education Law. The Questar III Textbook Loan Program provides the following services:

  •  Collect all student applications for textbooks
  •  Distribute and collect all loaned textbooks for several convenient sites
  •  Purchase lower-cost used textbooks first
  •  Utilizes NYS contract pricing
  •  Order in bulk, for minimal shipping charges
  •  Maintain district inventory
  •  Collect fees for damaged or non-return textbooks
  •  Encourages non-public schools to retain titles for the minimum 5 year period, to avoid costly replacements
  •  Ensure appropriate documentation of students requesting second sets of textbooks
  •  Provides all necessary communication with students, parents, public schools, and non-public schools

Textbook Program Return

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